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Gregory Jamiel is a multi-Emmy Award winning Art Director and student of traditional Ceremonies. His reverence for ancestral connection and keeping the old traditions alive is the focus of his current work in the areas of Traditional Ceremonies, Ayurveda and Yoga. By pulling from these ancient teachings, Greg is able to share tools to help people of today heal, learn and grow from life's experiences.

Trinity of Truths Guided Meditation

Today, you are invited to bathe your Spirit a sense of calmness as we celebrate the beautiful gifts in our life. In this heart focused meditation you will feel the healing connection we have to three powerful truths, and how these truths can help us feel more grounded, connected, and loved in these challenging times of isolation, transformation, and fear.

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Your Ancestral Tree Guided Meditation

On this Day of the Dead, our ancestors and those that have passed on before us have an easier time reaching through the veil to us. In this meditation you will make a connection to your Ancestral Family Tree, and discover the forest it lives in. I invite you to find a calm, quiet place to enjoy this 13 minute guided meditation, and check back here as I will release more guided meditations in the future.

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4 Ways to Honor and Remember Our Ancestors

We are coming upon an amazingly powerful weekend, and in 2020 I am not surprised! This weekend we will be experiencing a full (blue) moon on Halloween, and the Day of the Dead immediately after that! What a potent time to make the connection to our ancestors at this time while the veil is so thin!

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Has a river ever moved you?

Almost every day I bring the dogs to this spot along the Tolt River by my home to run around and swim. I come out here just to watch the river flow. Before this past winter’s massive flood, there was a rock beach here that I would hang out on. After the flood, the river changed course and covered my little rocky beach.

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Splits & Arm Balances Class Plan: 90 Minutes

Today's 90 minute Yoga class for your home practice! Theme: Splits, Inversions, & Hip Openers Intention: Commit to taking up more space...with your breath, with your body...and with your Spirit! -Sivananda Breath (Breath of Comfort): Inhale until you're comfortably full, hold for as long as feels comfortable, exhale until you're comfortably empty, and hold the [...]

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Scissors Class Plan : 90 Minutes

Today's 90 minute Yoga class for your home practice! Theme: Easing into Scissors (Eka Pada Koundinyasana II) Intention: Balance! Can you focus on balancing your breath (the same length or inhale & exhale)? Your body (moving through space with ease & grace)? Your mind (thoughts of work & play)? Work with weaving play into your [...]

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Explore & Exhale : Episode 2 : Machu Picchu & Guided Meditation

Journey to Peru with Greg and his sister as they explore the Sacred Valley, and climb the famed Inca Trail for the first time! Included in this episode is Greg's Earth Pulling Ceremony on the grounds of Machu Picchu. You don't want to miss this episode!

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Explore & Exhale : Episode 1 : New Orleans & Voodou

Join Greg as he interviews Sallie Ann Glassman, Voodou High Priestess of New Orleans, to learn more about the role of water in Voodou, and how the spirit of water and the deep history of Voodou helped support the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. A yoga class on Lake Pontchartrain is also included in this episode!

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Psoas Class Plan : 90 Minutes

Today's 90 minute Forrest Yoga class for your home practice! Theme: Stretching & Lengthening Psoas Intention: Psoas is one of the deepest & strongest of the hip flexors. It is associated with the "fight or flight" response, and can get hardened if your life has constantly high levels of stress. When stress is present, Psoas [...]

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