About My Logo

Logos are a physical representation of a theme, idea, brand, company, or person. For the first ten years of my professional career, I worked as the Design Director for Meredith Corporation; publishers of Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies’ Home Journal, More, and many other magazines as well as the owners of multiple tv stations across the country. When it came time to design a logo representing my own gifts and offerings, I was excited to explore how I wanted to represent myself visually. It was challenging to try to unite the diverse themes in my life, but I am really happy with how it turned out!

This current version is the result of many of those themes incorporated together. Over the years, birds have brought powerful medicine to me, especially Blue Jay, Crow, Hawk, and Eagle. The symbol in the center of the logo is composed of two feathers representing the major impact birds play in my life. They are crossed with their tips and bases pointing towards the lesser known Four Directions; NW, SW, NE, SE. The Four Directions are a major focus in my yoga practice, teachings and ceremonies.

I have spent the majority of my life focusing on the most obvious things going on, like jobs, relationships, and other areas that were right at the surface of my awareness. I realized I spent most of my life living in the bright side of the Medicine Wheel. Focusing only on the good, positive areas of my life, and completely avoiding the darker, insecure, more mysterious places. I realized the direction of the West, the place of shadows, darkness, and dreaming, was a direction filled with wisdom and magic for me. By focusing on these lesser known areas of the medicine wheel, I have witnessed the most dramatic areas of growth and it is my hope to help others look a bit deeper into their own mysteries and places of magic.

The two feathers are surrounded by a circle representing the Hoop of the People, reminding us that we are a part of nature and the cycles that go along with that.

Being an artist, color is a very important contributor to the feeling of a design. I choose this color pallet for a specific reason. The warm earth tones; brown, salmon, and coral are balanced by the cooler blue and turquoise of the hoop and the feather spines, again focusing on balance.