Today’s 90 minute Yoga class for your home practice!

Theme: Splits, Inversions, & Hip Openers
Intention: Commit to taking up more space…with your breath, with your body…and with your Spirit!

-Sivananda Breath (Breath of Comfort): Inhale until you’re comfortably full, hold for as long as feels comfortable, exhale until you’re comfortably empty, and hold the exhale for as long as is comfortable!
-Seated Side Bend with 2 Arm Positions: 1. Overhead 2. Neck Release
-Knee Pile with Eagle Arms -> Unwind Eagle Arms & Forward Fold
-Straddle Lifting Through Abs
-Bridge w Quad Opener
-Kung Fu Frog
-Flash Prep Lifting 1 Leg

1 Round of Classical Suns (w Low Lunge)
1. Warrior 1 w Eagle Arms -> Eagle Ostrich -> Lunge w Back Knee Up (Maine Coon Cat) (hands or forearms on ground on inside of front bent knee)
a. (after first side) Diamond Cobra (See photos here for Diamond Cobra)
b. (after second side) Dolphin/Down Dog @ Wall

1 Round of Classical Suns (w High Lunge)
2. Warrior 2 w Shoulder Shrugs -> Extended Warrior Variation -> Head to Ankle Prep
a. Diamond Cobra
b. Dolphin/Down Dog @ Wall with Splits

1 Round of Classical Suns (w High or Low Lunge)
3. Warrior 1 w Quad Opener -> Vertical Splits -> Pigeon w Chest Up (press bent shin towards the floor to activate glutt stretch)
a. Diamond Cobra
b. Head to Ankle @ Wall

1 Round of Classical Suns (w High or Low Lunge)
4. Twisting Lunge -> Nomad’s Pose (Runner’s Lunge) -> Splits
a. Diamond Cobra
b. Insect on a Windshield -OR- Play with Forearm Balance/Handstand w Splits slightly away from wall)

-Staff Pose (legs straight on floor, lift each leg one at a time, then lift both legs. Place blocks under hands for extra lift!)
-Laying Down Spinal Twist with top leg straight
-Hip Massage (from Tias Little) ->Lay on back…a. Inhale and slide sole of left foot up the right calf & inner thigh coming into Tree Pose on the floor, then bring that bent knee across the center line of the torso (keeping left hip on the ground) b. exhale and straighten the left leg all the way back down to the floor.
*Continue doing this on the left side for 5-10 breaths, then switch to the right side. Allow yourself to soften into a hypnotic rhythm with this. Notice the subtle movements in the hip. Once done with 5-10 breaths on each side, gently come into savasana
*Sometimes I like to do a Happy Baby before Savasana, but that’s totally up to you!

-Savasana <3