What Unleashes Me

After being introduced to the benefits of yoga back in 1999 through my Kenpo Karate practice, I dove head first into the yoga world in 2009 as a teacher and studio owner. Over the years, my yoga practice has helped me navigate life’s confusing path, process and work through difficult times, build my strength and increase my flexibility all while reconnecting to my own inner truth. Who am I, and why am I here?

While my asana practice got me more in touch with my physical body, my Traditional Ceremonial Training has helped me connect on a much deeper level to my inner self. I am so grateful to be in an ongoing mentorship for the past 8 years with a Native American Chief duo of husband & wife. These beautiful beings have shared wisdom and Ceremonies with me that have helped shape my life, and given me the tools to be a better steward of this beautiful Mother Earth we live on. Through these practices, I am able to express my gratitude and honor the ancestors that have brought us to this place and time.

I am eternally grateful for all my teachers who have helped shape these lineages and share their wisdom with me. It is my honor to use these technologies to help those people who come to work with me. Every student and patient I have worked with continue to teach me something valuable and I access this pool of experience when I begin to work with someone new. I’m able to draw from many ancient teachings to help all of us grow, evolve, and move forward in a beautiful way.

Art has been the one passion present with me my whole life. My mother was a nurse and crossed paths with a patient dying of lung cancer. This woman, Cecil Lynch, offered to train me every Saturday morning for $5, that she made me pay for out of my own money. She mentored and trained me for 8 years, from when I was 6-13 years old, passing along lessons, gifts and talents before she passed away. That was one of the most profound relationships in my life at that time. I feel the gifts Cecil passed onto me even to this day.  The Beauty of this world is its impermanence. Life, death, love, art, and everything else is constantly changing and evolving. Birthing and dying. Transforming and evolving.

I continued my love of Art & Design by receiving a BFA in Graphic Design & Photography. I eventually made my mark professionally in television being an Art Director for Meredith Corporation for 10 years. I am honored to have been the recipient of three Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the recipient of two Gold and one Silver Global BDA Awards from the Broadcast Designers Association. I am so grateful to be able to combine two of my loves; Forrest Yoga & Art in my role as Artist in Residence for the Forrest Yoga organization.

Growing up in a home of six was crazy, energetic, and lots of fun. Early on my family realized that we could go on a family vacation across the country for a month…for the same price as flying to Disney World for a week. Since a very young age, my parents bought a camper and took my siblings & I camping as often as they could! We took a month off every summer and drove a different route from Rhode Island to Yellowstone, Las Vegas, Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Wall Drug, Crazy Horse Monument, Canada, Key West…and even Disney World (they have a campground there too!).

This passion for travel and exploration is still very much a major part of my life. I am constantly looking at the local volcanoes planning attempts to summit each one! I am drawn to adventure and the thrill of exploring brand new places seeing how people live, connect, and express themselves in their community. There is so much magic and beauty in this world, and I am committed to finding and feeling as much of it as I can! This passion is what has sparked the creation of my latest project, ‘Explore & Exhale’, check it out here!

I have experienced many emotional and physical breakthroughs through my yoga & Ceremonial practice. Since leaving the corporate world to follow my heart’s calling, I have evolved my life to a very unexpected place.  I have dedicated my life to helping people go deeper within themselves, exploring and seeking out which truths are their own, and which ones have been passed along to them. Removing the truths (“you can’t do this”, “you should get a normal job”, “you are unloveable”, etc.) other people place on us brings us closer to the one truth that matters, our own. When we are able to get close enough to listen to our own evolving truth, that is when we are able to unleash and quantum leap ourselves into a new state of hunger, desire, creativity, and passion for everything life has to offer! Dreams no longer seem like fantasies in our minds… you begin to taste the realities of them! I am here to support, encourage, and walk along this path beside you with an open heart… open to any possibility we can dream of! AHO!