Testimonials from the Years

Bringing Physical & Mental State into Cohesion

There are few activities I can do that enable me to bring my physical and mental state into cohesion; Greg’s yoga class is one of them. I am always surprised by the power and focus I am able to exert under his direction and guidance. It’s as if my body begins to hum with a synchronicity that is followed by a deep relaxation I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Anyone looking for a taste of what a true yoga class has to offer should jump at the opportunity to train under Greg at Inner Elements Yoga.”

~Nicholas Cox
Portland, OR

Powerful Intuitive Sense

Meeting Greg and discovering his style of yoga has truly been a gift to my life. Greg knows how to teach intimately while respecting personal space and has a powerful intuitive sense of how to work with the individual that is in front of him. He has done an excellent job helping me to develop stability in my back while at the same time helping me to release unnecessary tension. Tensions that both of us are aware has been caused by physical and emotional trauma. I greatly appreciate this man’s ability to understand not only yoga postures and the physical body, but also the emotional, spiritual, and energetic realities that create our current discomforts and comforts in the body.”

~Andrew Marshall
Portland, OR

A True Gem

I had the good fortune to experience my Yoga Teacher Training with Greg. During that time I found him to be a wonderful and generous teacher, a natural if you will. His knowledge of the poses and sequencing was always what kept our group on top. I am eternally grateful for his willingness to help those of us who struggled, his wonderful sense of humor, his kindness, and most importantly, his ability to communicate important information sensitively and honestly. Greg is a true gem, I very much look forward to the day when I can be a student in one of his classes! Enjoy him, teachers like this don’t come along everyday!”

~Jillian Sehorn-Loo
Rocklin, CA

Making “Fantasy” Poses Approachable

The first thing you will notice in stepping into a class with Greg is his smile and warmth. You immediately feel welcome. He always greets you with a hug and “How are you?”. Greg has a way of making even “fantasy” poses approachable and fun. There is always something you can do, in each part of his class, from beginner to advanced, Greg accounts for all levels and is playful. He shares directly from his heart and life and you will feel a real sense of community in his class. Greg inspired me to not listen to my “stories” of what I can or can’t do and to pursue what I want. Greg’s assists make me feel safe, his humor and warmth make me feel welcome and the way he shares his life make me feel inspired to be more engaged in mine and to push the limits of the stories I tell myself. Aho!”

~Rebecca C. King
Portland, OR

Joyous, Open-Hearted Enthusiasm

I was privileged to take my Teacher Training with Greg and experience his teaching. Greg teaches with joyous, open-hearted enthusiasm. His classes inspire and challenge. He leads and supports you every inch of the way on your yoga journey. I recommend taking his classes.”

~Julie Skerrett
Tamworth, Australia

Amazing Intuitive Ability

Greg has an amazing intuitive ability to meet each student where they are emotionally, physically, and mentally during his classes. Many times I have experienced, and witnessed, how his gentle assists, accepting demeanor, and expertise in teaching calm nerves, steady breath, and open hearts.”

~Kimi Marin
Portland, OR

Nothing Short of Amazing

I had the opportunity to take one of Greg’s workshops when he came to RI. It was nothing short of amazing, especially this being my first experience with his teachings and he really made an amazing impression. I hope to work with him again soon!”

~Krystal Perreault
Cranston, RI

Compassion, Beauty and Energy

I have attended two of Greg’s classes. I appreciate the compassion, beauty and energy he brings to his style of yoga. In both classes I attended there was a focus on yoga postures and chakras mixed with a blessing/cleansing ceremony. Music and candle light fill the warm room creating a safe, welcoming and nurturing experience.

I love the classes at Inner Elements Yoga. His yoga style is new to me and I was pleased to find that in addition to familiar hatha yoga postures they have added the healing power of chakra energy and a blessing ceremony drawn from Native American traditions. I highly recommend this inclusive class to anyone looking for a full practice set to music and candle light in a beautiful, warm and nurturing room filled with a community spirit.

Greg’s skill and knowledge comes through in this fun filled practice of yoga. He is a compassionate, committed and playful presence. I felt safe and cared for during this full and powerful class. Check it out for yourself and let the magic work within you.”

~Timothy Mulcahel
Portland, OR