The Chakras are energy centers that ebb and flow depending on our life choices and behaviors. They are found at the very real intersections of nerves, blood, and energy inside of each of us. I have created this Chakra Check-In for you to do an audit of 7 different areas of your life. The results will show you where your energies are currently focused and where you may want to focus more of your precious energy. Click the link below to get your check-in with your chakras and definitely send me an email with any questions you may have!

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Intro To The Chakras

Since you are here inquiring about your Chakras, I thought you might like to watch my Intro to the Chakras video! Each week I host a free gathering called, “Tuesday Talks with Greg” where I share different teachings and answer your questions live on Facebook and then post it on my YouTube page. I would love for you to join us! Please ‘Like’ my Facebook page to get notified each Tuesday when I go Live from 5-5:30pm PST (8-8:30pm EST) and I look forward to answering your questions Live on Tuesday nights!

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