Splits & Arm Balances Class Plan: 90 Minutes

Today's 90 minute Yoga class for your home practice! Theme: Splits, Inversions, & Hip Openers Intention: Commit to taking up more space...with your breath, with your body...and with your Spirit! -Sivananda Breath (Breath of Comfort): Inhale until you're comfortably full, hold for as long as feels comfortable, exhale until you're comfortably empty, and hold the [...]

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Inversions & Strengthening Class Plan – 90 Minutes

Today’s 90 minute Forrest Yoga class for your home practice! Theme: Strengthening with Inversions Intention: Feel to strengthen the muscles around our heart. What can we do to strengthen our heart? Think of loved ones... Run (cardio), hike in nature, etc... -Ujjayi Pranayama -Chest Opener w Forward Fold in Baddha Konasana -1/2 Lotus Spinal Twist [...]

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