Ceremonies Built Specifically for You

Ceremony shows up in many places in our modern lives. Weddings, Graduations, and Funerals are a few ceremonies that many of us may have experienced at some point in our life. Stepping into ceremony can offer us a wonderful opportunity to connect to the highest version of ourself, and spend time with that person!

We can connect, and offer gratitude to the flow of energy that moves through everything on our planet. In my mind, working in a ceremonial way is one of the highest forms of self care. We can either hop into the shower and wash off quickly, or we can light a candle, add some epsom salt and cleanse the day’s energy off of us. Another example is preparing food. We can throw something together quickly and eat in front of the tv, or we can prepare our food while dancing and laughing, infusing our food with that energy. Then sit down and take a moment to express gratitude to our food, and all the people and elements that helped grow it and bring it to our table. Thanking the sun, earth, and rains, as well as the farmers, truck drivers, and grocery store employees. This act can make our food taste better and be digested more efficiently into our system.

Each Ceremony I conduct is specifically designed with you in mind. We will speak for a little bit, talking about what you are hoping to accomplish with this Ceremony, then we will begin. This may include leading you through a healing process to help you through a difficult situation you are experiencing, or guide you in ways to connect to a loved one who has passed on, or even to mark a major important milestone in your life. The goal is for both of us to work together using Shamanistic tools like drumming, chanting, intention setting, honoring our ancestors and the elements, or focusing on moving stuck and stagnant energy in your life.

I would be honored to help you move forward on your path, bring peace and healing into a broken heart, and help you feel (maybe for the first time ever) the connection you have to all that moves around us.