Full Smudging Master Course
(Class 1 & 2) $50.00 ON SALE : $40.00

This Training includes BOTH the Smudging Masterclass (Class 1) and Archetypes & Intention Setting Masterclass (Class 2)!

Learn everything you need to know to confidently begin incorporating this powerful Smudging Ceremony in your life today!

Smudging is a practice of connecting with the Spirit of certain plants and herbs to help cleanse, uplift, protect, and unite the physical and Spiritual planes. Ancient traditions all around the world have incorporated the practice of smudging into their ceremonies. From the incense of Asia and Europe, to the Indigenous people of the Americas, smudging has been a powerful tool to connect with “that which is greater than us”.

This training contains 3 and a half hours of experiential learning! The main teachings are broken into two 90 Minute Masterclasses (one explaining the Smudging Ceremony in detail…and the second focusing on how to set effective intentions and how to work with different archetypes). As an added bonus, I have included a 30 minute Follow-Up Q&A video that may answer some questions you have once you start this practice. I share my personal knowledge of the characteristics of Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo and other plants you might like to use. You will learn how to harvest these plants in a respectable way, how to efficiently set intentions for your smudging, and how to work with archetypes…all with in-depth demonstrations on how to do this yourself!

Once purchased, you can access this Master Course in your “My Courses” tab, found under the “Login” menu tab.