Today’s 90 minute Forrest Yoga class for your home practice!

Theme: Standing Poses
Intention: How do you walk on this earth? Watch/feel your feet in each pose… Are you getting stability from gripping the ground? Are your feet asleep? Or are your feet & legs actively holding you up?

-Alternate Nostril Breathing
-Shoelace w Side bend & Neck Release
-1/2 Lotus Spinal Twist
-Elbow to Knee w three warm up variations
a. feet on ground, feeling curl of pubic bone – low back pressing down – butt engage
b. feet on ground, lifting head/shoulders up
c. traditional Elbow to Knee feeling everything above
-Walking Bridge
-Gate Opener
-Dolphin Strut

-Classical Suns (2 rounds w low lunge, 2 rounds w high lunge)

Boat Raises (Before 1st Side) : Boat Grabbing Sit Bones (Before 2nd Side)
-Warrior 2 w Shoulder Shrugs -> Warrior 2 w Finger Stretches -> Extended Warrior Variation -> Triangle -> 1/2 Moon or 1/4 Moon -> Vertical Splits -> Pyramid -> Eagle Warrior 1 -> Warrior 3 -> Twisting Lunge -> Nomad’s Pose (Runners Lunge) -> Pigeon (finish all of these on one side w 4-5 breaths per pose, then repeat on other side)

-Chest Opener @ Wall -> Shower @ Wall ->Twisting Chair @ Wall

-Back Release Pose
-Double Leg Spinal Twist
-Happy Baby