Today’s 90 minute Yoga class for your home practice!

Theme: Splits & Arm Balances
Intention: Commit to taking up more space & feeling your radiance!

-Sivananda Breath: Finding comfort in expanding
-Knee Pile w Eagle Arms -> Forward Fold
-Seated Side Bend w Chest Opener & Neck Release
-Elbow to Knee w One Leg Up
-Bridge w One Leg Up & Figure Four
-Kung Fu Frog
-Flash Prep

1 Round of Classical Suns
1. Eagle Warrior 1 -> Eagle Ostrich -> High Lunge
a. (after first side) Diamond Cobra     b. (after second side) Dolphin @ Wall

1 Round of Classical Suns
2. Warrior 2 w Shoulder Shrugs -> Extended Warrior Variation -> Head to Ankle Prep
a. Diamond Cobra     b. Dolphin @ Wall w Splits

1 Round of Classical Suns
3. Warrior 1 w Quad Opener -> Vertical Splits -> Pigeon w Chest Up
a. Diamond Cobra     b. Head 2 Ankle @ Wall

1 Round of Classical Suns
4. Twisting Lung -> Nomad’s Pose (Runners Lunge) -> Splits
a. Diamond Cobra     b. Insect on a Windshield -OR- Standing Balancing Splits

-Staff Pose (lift one leg first…then the other…then both!)
-Laying Down Spinal Twist with Straight Top Leg
-Knees to Chest