Today’s 90 minute Forrest Yoga class for your home practice!

Theme: Back Bends, Heart & Hip Openers
Intention: Taking the time to feel the medicine & beauty in each pose in YOUR body

-Bhramari Breath into YOUR 7 Directions (Place both hands on the left rib cage for the East; move both hands to belly for South; right side of ribs for West; behind your heart for the North; fingertips on base of spine for Mother Earth; both hands just above skull for Father Sky; both hands on your heart for your Spirit) – Focus on wrapping the breath around your body!

-Unlocking the hips in Baddha Konasana
-Elbow to Knee with Star Spiral Pulse
-Bridge with Figure Four & Quad Opener
-Twisted Root Abs

-Dolphin Prelude
-Dolphin Strut or Doral Fin for advanced

-Sun Salutations (2 Rounds w Low Lunge & 2 Rounds w High Lunge)

Boat Raises
1. Warrior 1 w Shoulder Shrugs -> Eagle Warrior 1 -> Easy Twisting Lunge
a. (after first side) Cobra     b. (after second side) Cobra Pushups Over Roll

Boat Grab Sit Bones
2. Archer Warrior 1 -> Low Lunge w Brain Cradle -> Pigeon
a. Cobra     b. 1 Leg Bow w a Strap

3. Warrior 2 w Kite Hawk -> Head to Ankle Prep -> Head to Ankle
a. Cobra     b. Bow w a Strap

Boat Sequence Phase 2
4. Lance Dodger -> Lunge Back Bend w a Strap -> Twisting Pigeon Towards Foot
a. Cobra     b. Queen Pigeon w Strap -> Tangled Pigeon w 2 Straps (Camel Variations for those not doing Queen Pigeon)

-Lounge Lunge (Roll between thighs)
-3 Part Twisting Abs w a Roll
-Laying Down Spinal Twist
-Back Release Pose