Today’s 90 minute Forrest Yoga class for your home practice!

Theme: Strengthening with Inversions
Intention: Feel to strengthen the muscles around our heart. What can we do to strengthen our heart? Think of loved ones… Run (cardio), hike in nature, etc…

-Ujjayi Pranayama
-Chest Opener w Forward Fold in Baddha Konasana
-1/2 Lotus Spinal Twist
-Twisted Root Abs
-Walking Bridge
-Kung Fu Frog

-Dolphin Strut
-Flash Prep

-Classical Suns (2 Rounds Low Lunge, 2 Rounds High Lunge)

Boat Sequence Phase 2
1. Warrior 1 w Block between the Elbows (squeeze) -> Warrior 1 w Hands Clasped -> Ostrich
a. Diamond Cobra     b. Flash Prep w 1 Leg up the Wall (curl toes under and lift weight off forearm)

Boat Sequence Phase 3
2. Warrior 1 w Back Traction -> Twisting Lunge -> Pigeon
a. Hold Low Plank     b. Flash Prep (start with one leg up the wall, bring the second leg up, lower the first leg, then lower the second leg) -OR- Dolphin @ Wall

Boat Grab Sit Bones
3. Warrior 2 w Shoulder Shrugs -> Extended Warrior Variation -> Head to Ankle Prep
a. Diamond Cobra     b. Flash at Wall -OR- Away from the Wall w a Spot -OR- Forearm Balance Splits @ Wall

-Lounge Lizard
-Seated Shoulder Circles (just roll shoulders forward, then back to give a gentle massage)
-Double eg Spinal Twist
-Happy Baby