Today’s 75 minute Forrest Yoga class for your home practice!

Theme: Core Work & Arm Balances
Intent: Feel for connecting to and igniting your own inner fire with your breath & FEEL the power you have deep within your core!

-Kapalabhati in Knee Pile (50 Pumps) then Forward Fold (2 Rounds)

-Twisted Root Abs (2 Rounds)
-Bridge with Legs in Figure Four
-Gate Opener (2 Rounds)

-Flash Prep (one side) – Dolphin – Flash Prep (other side)

-Sun Salutations with the back knee up (4 Rounds)
-Unlocking the Shoulders in Horse Stance

B Series:
Boat with Shoulder Shrugs
1. Warrior 1 with Eagle Arms – Pyramid
a. Turbo Dog to switch sides
b. Yogi Squats

Boat Grab Sit Bones
2. Head to Ankle Prep – Head to Ankle at the Wall
a. Turbo Dog to switch sides
b. Crow

3. Low Lunge with Hands Clasped – Lunge with Back Knee Up
a. Turbo Dog to switch sides
b. Handstands @ the Wall

-Inchworm – One Leg Crow – Oil Rigger

-1/2 Lotus Spinal Twist with Neck Release
-Happy Baby