Hey there! This morning I felt the cleaning/organizing bug creep in and I had my sights set on the kitchen. My roommate & I love tea, so we have a bunch of half used boxes (like 10!) of tea taking up valuable real estate in our small kitchen. I was trying to figure out how to consolidate them and I noticed we had one of those holiday tins of chocolate cookies with all the good ones eaten, and the rest were getting ready to be tossed. We also had a UPS box that was heading to our recycling bin.

Here’s a quick & simple solution to consolidate all those tea bags using things you might have around your house already! Just cut two flaps off any cardboard box, trim it to fit your container, remove all your half used tea bags, lay them in their new home…and tadaa! Home made tea box giving you a lot of less clutter in your kitchen!


Here’s the final look… More space in your cupboards, and you can feel really fancy when offering your teas to guests! HA!