Who doesn’t want to make their bathroom feel like a spa?! Well, I have a super quick & inexpensive way to get that spa feeling in your bathroom without breaking the bank! Just go to your local grocery store or florist and buy some eucalyptus leaves. You can even trim some from a tree if there is one in your neighborhood. Then follow these easy steps…

Step 1:
Take your bouquet of eucalyptus and hang it over your shower head!

That’s it! The steam from your shower will activate the¬†eucalyptus when you’re in it and give you that spa feeling in your shower! Eucalyptus lasts awhile and keeps working even after it dries out. You can also try different varieties of eucalyptus too. Some have a more floral smell (like the ones in my bathroom). After a few months, you can simply repeat Step 1 above!

This is a super quick and easy way to add some beautiful natural fragrance to your bathroom even when you’re not taking a shower. You & your house guests will totally love it. If you try this out, let me know how it goes! Here is a picture of the bouquet in our shower!