Ready to put your Smudging skills into action? Start this course to learn about different archetypes you may resonate with, and how to set your intentions!

Class 2 of 2 from the Full Smudging Master Course

Welcome to this AMAZING month-long Chakra Balancing Course! Below you will see the schedule of this Course and each week’s content is in the sections below. As you complete a section, be sure to click the button on the top of the page “Complete and Continue” so you will know where you left off! Be […]

This course includes BOTH the Smudging Ceremony, and the Archetypes & Intention Setting Masterclasses! This is everything you need to know to put your dreams into action!

Are you ready to learn which plants to use, and why you would use them for your smudging ceremony? Click the title above to begin this course and feel that beauty for yourself!

Class 1 of 2 from the Full Smudging Master Course