Connect with Your Guides

One of the main goals people have when they choose to work with me, is to connect with their Guides and loved ones who have crossed over. Teaching people how to do this is one of my most favorite things to do! It is an act of self love and patience to attempt to unravel some of the beliefs we have woven into our body, mind and Spirit over the years and realize that through grounding down, quieting our mind, and having specific intentions we are able to do just that!

Over the past 12 years, I have experienced many healing practices that have helped me make that connection to my mother and father who have passed on. By incorporating meditation, Ceremonial practices, offerings, visualization and intentional practices… I have learned how to make this connection stronger and look forward to sharing this wisdom with you as well!

I have developed this First Steps programs in a way that we can go along this path as long as YOU want to. Each session is one hour, has an intention behind it, and you will experience and learn the overarching process upon completion of our first session together. The length of the path we walk together is up to you. You can choose to meet once, and be on your way. Or, we can meet many times. It is completely up to you!

We will incorporate the tools of ceremony, grounding, meditation, and visualization to help YOU take the first steps towards connecting with your Guides. My teachings are influenced by my travels around the world studying and working with Shamans in South America, different religious and spiritual leaders, traditional Native American Ceremonies, my connection to the Earth, and my own insight gained from years of Questing to make that connection to that which is Sacred within and all around us… all the time.

I want to share this information with you to help you bring peace and healing to your heart, and guidance to your life.