The Chakras are energy centers that ebb and flow depending on our life choices and behaviors. They are found at the very real intersections of nerves, blood, and energy inside of each of us.

The Heart Chakra for example, is located around our physical heart where there is a convergence of blood, oxygen, and energy all in that area. If we feel isolated, or have a hard time expressing gratitude our Heart Chakra may slowly become “out of balance”. This unbalance may present itself in ways we might not even notice like having a hard time staying in relationships, or we end up falling for the same “type” of person over, and over again.

By taking a test like this, you will be able to see which Chakras may be out of balance. Once you see which Chakras may be out of balance, you can adjust your life to to dedicate more time to focus on the areas of your life needing more attention. This can be done in many different ways! When you see which chakras might be out of balance, reach out to me and I will explain what you can do to bring them back into balance!

It’s important to remember to answer the questions honestly and realize that it’s not about getting a high score. The goal is to have all Chakras have a similar number.

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