Standing Poses Class Plan – 90 Minutes

Today's 90 minute Forrest Yoga class for your home practice! Theme: Standing Poses Intention: How do you walk on this earth? Watch/feel your feet in each pose... Are you getting stability from gripping the ground? Are your feet asleep? Or are your feet & legs actively holding you up? -Alternate Nostril Breathing -Shoelace w Side [...]

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A Sacred Breath

This story begins with me growing up as a good kid whose most extreme rebellion was getting drunk on Boone’s Ferry Fruit Wine at my senior prom. When I went away to college I indulged in my new-found freedom forever destroying the taste and smell of Southern Comfort, Jagermeister, and Ice 101. This is also [...]

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Hip Opening & Arm Balances Class Plan – 75 Minute

Today's 75 minute Forrest Yoga class for your home practice! Theme: Core Work & Arm Balances Intent: Feel for connecting to and igniting your own inner fire with your breath & FEEL the power you have deep within your core! -Kapalabhati in Knee Pile (50 Pumps) then Forward Fold (2 Rounds) -Twisted Root Abs (2 [...]

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VIDEO: Side Bend with Neck Release

This Forrest Yoga pose is one of my favorites & I start most of my practices with it! Side Bend with Neck Release is a great opportunity to stretch, lengthen, and relax the sides and back of the neck & upper shoulders. This is a great pose to do when you first wake up, or [...]

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Arm Balancing Class 1.5 Hours

Today's 1.5 Hour Forrest Yoga Class Plan for your pleasure!! Theme: Arm Balances Intent: The world is your oyster...what magic do you want to experience in it today? -Knee Pile with Forward Fold -1/2 Lotus Spinal Twist with Neck Release -Elbow 2 Knee Abs (4 Rounds) -Bridge with Finger Stretches -Twisted Root Abs (2 Rounds) [...]

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